Transition into Fall

Posted on 1 September 2016 @ 11:47pm


It’s that time again … FALL! This season comes just after the summer harvest and is a time where “letting go” seems to come naturally. This is because the life force in nature begins its return towards the earth, an inward movement. The same inward movement happens in us as well, as we become more introspective, asking questions and seeking answers.

In Chinese medical theory, the idea of phases, and changing in tune with the seasons, is paramount. In nature we observe the five phases (or states) of change as the four seasons, with the fifth being the time of transformation between the seasons. These five phases are represented as follows: wood (spring), fire (summer), earth (each seasonal transition), metal (fall), and water (winter).

Fall is represented by the metal phase, a time where we gather our resources, finish projects, set goals for the winter, and spend significantly more time in reflection. As we proceed through this season we are compelled to let go in certain areas of our lives. Again, fall is a time for letting go, of returning to the earth, returning to introspection, and sealing and storing our energies for the long winter ahead.

As much as we may want to fight it, try to find harmony with the energy of fall. In an effort to embrace what this season can bring, try asking yourself the following questions:

· What NO LONGER SERVES ME (or the things in life I value most) and what things can I let go of?
· Do I have UNRESOLVED EMOTIONS that I need to release?
· Am I facing any obstacles or hardships that I must learn to accept?  

Fall provides us with an opportunity to release old thought patterns and negative behaviours so we can grow and evolve for the better.

Chinese Medicine is very effective in helping us move in transition with the seasons because it brings the body back in balance with the new season. TCM helps us emotionally and physically release anything that no longer serves us so we can move forward with strength through the long winter ahead. This is important because fall typically brings with it a whole assortment of colds and flus that get passed around from person to person.


I am very pleased to announce some exciting changes coming to my practice. As you know, the most important thing for me is to ensure that I spend the right amount of time with each one of my patients to help as much possible with improving your health and well-being. What's also important to me is being sure that it is easy for you to focus on these things and be your best self.

For this reason I am pleased to announce that I will be leaving Southwest Massage with my last day on August 30, 2016. I will be offering the same services out of my inner-city location Monday through Friday to better serve each and every one of my clients. My inner-city location, in energetic Marda Loop, is easily accessible from all quadrants of the city. This is a huge contrast from the Southwest Massage location, which was only easily accessible by my South Calgary patients, and made it difficult for many of my other patients to see me on a regular basis and get the treatment they deserve.

I look forward to receiving you all at my inner-city practice and helping you feel better and be your best this Fall.


Chinese Medicine does a great job strengthening and enhancing our immune system so we can naturally prevent sickness when it is at its peak. This makes fall the perfect time to get a treatment to give to ourselves and restore health and balance to our lives.

In order to get you ready for the changing season, and to help you feel your very best heading into winter, i'm offering you a very special promotion. Come see me this fall and you don't have to pay any initial consultation fee (you save $35). Better yet, i'll even discount each follow-up visit during the month of September (you save $25)!!!

Come see me each week in September (only 4 visits) and you'll save over $100 dollars while focusing on your well-being and health. It's like getting paid to get healthy! Contact me today or visit my website to book your slot!

In conjunction with the natural inward focus of the season, treat yourself to the amazing benefits of Chinese Medicine. Contact me to book today!

Enjoy the wonderful change in seasons! 



No longer available as of August 30, 2016.
Visit me at my inner-city location, with extended availability and an easily accessible location.


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